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Discover an important breakthrough in Rapid Auto-Roll Technology with opening and closing speeds of up to 1.8m/sec, these fast roller doors can provide a highly efficient solution to your opening.

Rapid Auto Roll Doors, also maybe referred to as high speed roll doors, fast industrial doors, fast doors, or even zippy doors, are commonly used to control climate conditions of your workspace, warehouse, process room, cleanroom, or workshop.

By customising the design, they satisfy requirements as cleanroom doors, coolroom doors, freezer doors, carpark doors, warehouse doors, carwash doors, mine doors, to name a few.



The Series 4000 Rapid Auto Roll Door is designed to be back in operation within seconds of accidental impact. A heavy duty fast roller door, the Series 4000 can save you, not only in containing your precious internal environment, but in downtime and repair costs due to this breakout feature with auto reset function.

With the ability to accommodate large openings up to 25 sq metres, this door is equipped with a counterweight balance system, which also provides emergency opening of the door in case of a power failure. It has full corrosion protection by zinc plating and powdercoating, or option of full galvanised finish

The panel is made from a highly durable, low porous Duraskin 1750gsm, and together with our unique aluminium wind rails, the Series 4000 has the ability to withstand strong wind, while still maintaining the breakout feature.

The Control system, runs on either a single or 3 phase supply, and offers a full range of safety features, and programmable features, allowing the user to customise to suit the requirements.

Suitable for a variety of applications, the Series 4000 can be used in freezers operating down to -35° C, cleanrooms, warehouses, production areas, just to name a few.



Achieving the best performance from your Rapid Roll door is dependent on the opening device that best suits your application. Your choice will depend on many factors including the speed, mix and frequency of traffic flow. Your representative is well trained to evaluate your specific needs and can recommend the best option for you.

These choices may include:

  • Push Buttons
  • Pull Cords
  • Photo Cells
  • Radio Control
  • Radar Motion Detectors
  • Induction Floor Loops


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